Here is an updated flyer for the Rochester show Saturday.  The line-up changed and is a bit more diversified.  This is going to be a nice blend of grind/violence, black metal, and slamming brutal death metal.  See you in the pit!!



The split tape is now available from Third Eye Grind Records in New York.  25pcs only.  Remember we have labels releasing this in South America and Europe as well as one more label in the U.S. (100pcs total) so you’ll be able to order this from the most convenient location near you:


Shitnoise Bastards just released their side of the tape for your listening enjoyment.  If you’re at all familiar with these grind/noise freak’s stuff, I’d say they went a bit experimental on this recording.  Favorite track title by far - “Conspiracy Jingoism Shit.”  Tapes should start becoming available by October….

Here is the flyer for the brutal death metal show we’re supporting in Rochester, NEXT SATURDAY!!!!  This is our first Rochester show so if you’re in the area, tell a friend and come out and support this.  Did we ever mention we love death metal?!?!