Friday night grindcore.  Did you hear “miniature cube drone attack!!” yet? Our new track opening up this compilation:


The Sound of X (2), international grindcore compilation is here.  Our new song, “miniature cube drone attack!!” is the first track. Big thanks to Frederico at The Hills Are Dead Records for including us on this great compilation!  


Extremely limited 2018 samplers we made for Shawn.  He’s going on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise.  I hope he gives one to Meshuggah.  We will have a handful of these at Shawn’s Seplophile gig tomorrow.  Suggested $1 or $2 donation will go towards our upcoming release.  40 pieces only!!



Our next new song “miniature cube drone attack!!” will be featured on this compilation, coming soon!

New year, new grindcore:


Last gig before winter:


Next week, first, Tuesday go and vote!!  Then on Thursday come to the grindcore, punk, and hip-hop show!